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Discover how empowered you can be!

Discover how empowered you can be!

Discover how empowered you can be! Discover how empowered you can be!

Parent Coaching

For Individuals & Couples

Skilled, evidence-based coaching support can help you minimize stress and maximize wellbeing. Whether you're wanting to enhance your parenting, take better care of yourself, or improve how you and your partner work as a team, coaching services can help you gain clarity and take meaningful steps in a positive direction. Life throws plenty of demands our way, and sometimes prioritizing what matters and following through on the decisions we make can be easier said than done. Coaching is a way to receive guidance and encouragement as you take manageable steps to live life in ways that are healthy for you and yours. I'd love to see you move from overwhelmed and uncertain to more clear and confident! 

Individual  Consult ~ 1 hr ~ $100 + HST         Couple Consult ~ 1.5 hrs ~ $135 + HST

Suitable for gaining some new perspectives and identifying realistic measures you can get started on right away.

Change a Pattern ~ Initial Consult (1 hr) + 3 follow-ups (30 mins ea) ~ $250 + HST

Helpful for longer-standing concerns, habits or challenging behaviours (in either child or parent) that can take a bit more time to effectively address.

Household Consult ~ Variable Fees

Ideal for toy & environment management, parental mentoring and other hands-on learning.   

To discuss if what you'd like to address is suitable for the services I offer, please call or email to arrange a free, 15-minute phone call. If my services aren't the right fit, I'm happy to refer you to other professionals who could be of assistance.


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