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Discover how empowered you can be!

Discover how empowered you can be!

Discover how empowered you can be! Discover how empowered you can be!

Postpartum Doula Services

Role & Scope

Client Feedback

Client Feedback


A postpartum doula is a woman who is trained and experienced in family life during a child's first year. 

My role is to support your family in having healthy, empowered experiences. I provide education, emotional support and practical assistance.

Postpartum doula services are especially useful if:

  • You don't have adequate assistance from your partner or family members
  • You're dealing with postpartum depression or anxiety
  • You've birthed by Cesarean or have other physical health challenges
  • You have a baby with complex medical needs
  • You're wanting more support as you adjust to parenthood
  • You're self-employed or otherwise not able to take a full year's parental leave and you need some assistance to manage it all!​

As a postpartum doula I can:

  • Answer your questions about parenting, or direct you to useful resources
  • Support you emotionally -- I'm very experienced in supporting families who have postpartum depression or anxiety in the mix (and I had postpartum depression & anxiety myself, so I understand personally, not only as a professional)
  • Provide tips and assistance with feeding
  • Care for baby so you can nap, shower or otherwise care for yourself or other family members
  • Care for older children and pets
  • Prepare food, do dishes, light cleaning and laundry
  • Run errands

My services are applicable for both short-term assistance and on-going support. Your wishes and needs direct your care. If I'm not able to meet your needs due to scheduling or scope (I no longer offer overnight care), I'm happy to refer you to other great doulas to get your needs met.

Postpartum Doula Rate ~ $30/hr

Client Feedback

Client Feedback

Client Feedback


"I remember the EXACT moment of my postpartum depression when I realized I would be okay, and that was with you, with your support." ~ M.L.

"Thank you for all of your support on our journey. Your advice and encouragement really helped us when we needed it most. You are amazing at what you do!" ~ A. & T.A

"You are one of the most kind, caring, supportive & beautiful people I've ever met. You've supported and guided me through two pregnancies and births, helped in my postpartum period and have provided solutions to other things that have come up. You are one of those rare gems that shine bright in any situation, giving hope, warmth, joy and love. I appreciate all that you do, your amazing advice, beautiful heart and uplifting spirit. The world is a better place because of you." ~ D.S

"I can't even begin to thank you for all you have done for me. You have been so supportive and helpful to R & I. Our first year together would have been much more challenging without you! I think every new mom needs a Lara." ~ S. & R.S.

"Words cannot describe how thankful we are to have had you in our lives. You have brought so much peace and love to our family. Thank you for all that you've done." ~ T. & R.L.

"Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. You inspire us in so many ways, and have helped us feel more secure in our motherhood." ~ M.M. & C.S.

"We are so blessed to have met you and there are not enough words to express our gratitude for all you've done. You went out of your way to be there for us when we really needed help and we want you to know we appreciate the sacrifice you made to do that. This world needs more people like you and we will be forever thankful." ~ R. & L.S. 

"Words can never fully express our deep gratitude for your guidance, presence and care for C and our family. You are one very special person with a beautiful, Divine calling. I feel privileged to have met you, and give such deep thanks for you coming into our lives." ~ J.N., grandmother

"You are a gift to the doula world and your listening and interpretive skills are a tremendous blessing to so many moms!" ~ N.B., doula colleague