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Discover how empowered you can be!

Discover how empowered you can be!

Discover how empowered you can be! Discover how empowered you can be!

Course Content

The hypnobirthing Hamilton difference

Hypnobirthing Hamilton classes are an empowering way to prepare for the birth of your child. Whether you're single or partnered, on your first pregnancy or
fourth, you'll find value in this comprehensive education. 

As Hamilton's first hypnobirthing educator, Lara has had the privilege of serving over 1400 families to date. Come see why even doctors, nurses and midwives take her classes when they're expecting their own children!

Through this thorough, evidence-based education you will discover:

  • How to shape your birth experience to be the best it can be
  • The science behind the mind-emotions-body connection
  • Why & how to apply hypnosis to your process
  • How to diminish your fear & boost your confidence
  • What is true and not true about birth 
  • Physiological elements of labour
  • The importance of optimal fetal positioning
  • Great ways to prepare your body for birth
  • Common positions for labour & birth
  • Reliable breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Practical comfort measures and pain management strategies
  • How your partner/team can best support you
  • Medical, natural and alternative options for labour
  • The importance of exercising the power of choice
  • Must-knows about breastfeeding and other infant feeding options
  • How to handle newborn sleep realities
  • How to understand and respond to crying and fussiness
  • Strategies to communicate with extended family members and friends
  • Parent care during the postpartum period
  • Ways to keep your marital relationship/partnership healthy
  • How to support siblings in adjusting to life with baby
  • Community resources and programs

How does hypnosis apply to birthing?

1. Hypnosis enables us to deprogram ourselves of the negative beliefs surrounding birth, and replace those detrimental myths with confidence in our ability to navigate our experiences successfully. This is a powerful way to interrupt the fear-tension-pain cycle.  

2. Regular relaxation and hypnotic practice enables you (and your birth companions) to be more calm and centred, leading to better decision-making, healthier child development and, again, an interruption of the fear-tension-pain cycle. Without reserves being drained in order to cope with high levels of anxiety and stress, you're freer to enjoy the experience.

3. Hypnosis can be used to affect the body and allow it to function optimally. Just as athletes use mental rehearsal and hypnosis to improve their performance, you can use these same techniques to prepare yourself for a great birth.


Whether you're looking to learn in a group setting or would prefer a private or semi-private setting, Hypnobirthing Hamilton offers a variety of formats to accommodate different preferences and needs. We even have a Late-In-The-Game option for folks who discover us too close to baby time!